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Full-Spectrum CBD in Mixed Flavors


Infused 25mg Full-Spectrum CBD Gummies in mixed flavors!

20 Pack
40 Pack


Our infused 25mg Full-Spectrum CBD gummies are sure to do the trick that you are needing done! This container includes a variety of 25mg Full-Spectrum CBD Gummie flavors since it is the Mixed Flavors container.

Full-Spectrum means that there are other minor cannabinoids in the distillate we use to infuse our gummies rather than the single cannabinoid known as CBD (cannabidiol).  This is what offers clients what they are needing and keeps them coming back for more.

We derive our Full-Spectrum CBD from the best hemp plants on the market resulting in a superior gummie product that is Vegan & Gluten-Free.  Our gummies won’t ever melt in the heat or shipping which sets us apart from a lot of brands and other products.  We use pectin in our ingredients and not gelatin.

Our Full-Spectrum CBD gummies are lab tested by New Bloom Labs to ensure our products are above industry standards meaning the potency is what we claim each and every time.  Full-Panel lab testing also ensures that there are no residual molds or pesticides or microbial growth in our product(s).



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20 Pack, 40 Pack

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5 reviews for Full-Spectrum CBD in Mixed Flavors

  1. Deb (verified owner)

    Of all the gummies I have tried….these are the only ones that you need to aquore a taste for!!! Someone said they learned to crave the flave….I can take these anytime and feel better.
    Gummies are something I have just discovered…and I will be a lifelong repeat customer!!! Lol Great Company…
    Convenient….sent to your door!
    Honest and Trustworthy
    Thank you for your excellent gummies!

  2. Lizzie Randall (verified owner)

    Out of all CBD gummies I’ve tried, hands down these are my favorite. I’m prone to waking up often while I sleep and I typically have nightmares. But honestly, I sleep like an absolute baby when I take these. They don’t make me sleepy, but they keep me asleep. And I don’t wake up groggy! 10/10 recommended

    • Aubrey

      That is what we like to hear Lizzie! Thank you for the feedback and your business.

  3. Lizzie Randall (verified owner)

    I’ve tried a few kinds of CBD gummies, but these are hands down the best I have tried. I’m prone to night mares and restless sleep, but these keep me asleep, no nightmares, and I don’t wake up groggy! 10/10 will continue to use these. My sleep thanks you!!!

  4. Michael (verified owner)

    These gummies are by far the best I’ve eber had. I’ve tried numerous other brands before but these are by far the best quality and the best value I’ve come accross. If you’re looking for top quality cbd gummiea look no further. These will maximize your sleep so you can wake up feeling recharged and refreshed. Don’t sleep on these go ahead and get you some today. The results speak for themselves!

    • Aubrey

      We are glad you have been a believer since trying our Full-Spectrum CBD Gummies! Thank you for your business and continued support Michael.

  5. Johnny (verified owner)

    Quality Product. The Best.
    I used to have trouble sleeping and with anxiety. These are a game changer and recommend them to everyone.

    • Aubrey

      Thank you for the continued business and support Johnny!

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